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General Information

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We are happy to invite potential members to attend one of our evening sessions to find out if being part of Awatuna is for you. Simply contact the relevant section leader to arrange a suitable time.

Each section maintains a waiting list and there is a high amount of interest in our group which tends to keep waiting times long.  Taking an active part in the volunteer leadership can help!
To add your name to the waiting list, an application form is available online and should be completed.


Fees are set annually by the parent Committee, taking into account the projected running expenses for the year. An annual levy of approx $80 per person is made by the National Scout Association and this is included in the fees. Fees must help cover the program costs as well as maintenance on building and equipment, insurance, leader training, etc. They cannot hope to cover upgrading and replacement of boats, the ramp, or other major projects.

The Annual Fees are as follows:

 Section     Per Term Fee
 Discounted Annual Fee
(if paid during first term)
 Keas  $50.00  $180.00
 Cubs  $70.00  $252.00
 Scouts  $90.00  $324.00    
 Venturers  $90.00  $324.00    

For those who join midway through the year, fees are worked on a Pro Rata basis.

Because the Committee is mindful of the need to keep the fees as low as is possible, further fund-raising activities are necessary to cover more major items of expenditure. Wherever possible financial assistance is sought from charitable organisations.

From time to time there are parents who feel unable - for one reason or another - to do their share with fund-raising activities. In this case may we suggest that a further financial contribution be made in lieu.

Over and above the annual fee there are special activity fees, determined by the activity co-ordinator, which helps towards the cost of running the these parts of the program.  This would include things such as camps, regattas, trips, etc.


We accept payment electronically or by cheque/cash deposit.  With all payments, please include reference and code indicating the purpose.

Direct Payment   (our preferred option):

Awatuna Sea Scout Group

ASB Milford

Bank account no: 12-3050-0492940-00

Cheque or Cash:  

Deposit directly at any ASB Bank into the Awatuna account.

ASB Milford Branch

A/C 12-3050-0492940-00



Black Shorts or Pants
Orange Awatuna Scarf and Woggle (supplied at investiture
Blue Awatuna Hat (supplied at investiture)
White Awatuna T-Shirt (can be ordered from the Kea leaders)

Cubs, Scouts, Venturers

Black Shorts or Pants
Blue Polar Fleece Badge Vest or Pullover (Optional)
Orange Awatuna Scarf and Woggle (supplied at investiture)
Blue Awatuna Hat (supplied at investiture)
Blue Scouting NZ Uniform Shirt (available online at ScoutingDirect)


Awatuna Sea Scouts are lucky enough to have some terrific leaders who are involved in organising and running the weekly group meetings and providing extra-curricular activities from time to time, as well as a dedicted Parent Committee. Organisations such as ours simply cannot function without parental support and input.

Listed below are some of the ways in which you will be encouraged and expected to support your child's

  • by providing transport from time to time, as required, for away-from-base activities
  • by being available, if needed, as parent help on cub nights, for camps, etc.
  • by helping occasionally with maintenance working bees for boats, building
  • by supporting (physically and/or financially) fund-raising activities
  • by once a year being prepared to attend the Annual General Meeting to show your support for leaders and the current Committee.
  • by being willing to serve, as able, as members of the Parent Committee